Every movie buff worthy of the title knows Ghostbusters. This iconic 1984 action comedy starring a group of very special professionals in charge of ghost removal has quickly achieved cult status. To this day, most people are able to hum the theme song, which is why games like Ghostbusters Triple Slime are bound to attract quite a few players too.

In this video slot game from IGT, you will be sent back to the unique atmosphere of the original movie. With 720 ways to win and uneven reels, not to mention plenty of original bonus features, we have a lot to cover in our review of Ghostbusters Triple Slime. So let’s just dive into it and see what the game really has to offer.

The Ghostbusters Are Back in Town

Slot games inspired by a different franchise, usually a successful film, tend to stick to their source as much as possible in terms of looks. Ghostbusters Triple Slime is no exception there. The game will take you in a dark back alley at the heart of a busy city, where some suspicious ghost activity has been detected. The graphics are simple, but the overall atmosphere is absolutely unmistakable.

It goes without saying that a certain degree of familiarity with the original Ghostbusters movie will come in handy here. If you are a fan of the film, and we are going to assume that you are if you are reading these lines, then Ghostbusters Triple Slime is definitely worth trying. But looks aren’t everything either, so let’s look at the gameplay next.

The Only Number You Should Call

To give players exactly 720 ways to win per spin, the reels of Ghostbusters Triple Slime are set in a 3-4-5-4-3 format. The betting range itself is remarkable, going from 50 to 2500 credits per spin. This allows all players to find his or her own preferences in the settings and apply them freely, either carefully or in a more risky fashion. You have the usual autoplay mode at your disposal to repeat your settings over and over again.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime is a particularly dynamic slot game. This is due to a low volatility and an average, 96% RTP that will allow you to unlock frequent small cash prizes. Take advantage of these generous settings by betting as many credits on the reels as you possibly can. The paytable itself complements the rest of the game with plenty of anti-ghost weapons, the 3 protagonists of the movie and the Ghostbusters logo, worth up to 10,000 times your wager during the game.

Get Rid of Your Ghosts Once and for All

Ghostbusters Triple Slime is rich in original bonus features, ready to help you out at any time. It starts with a wild card on the 3 central reels, which can help you complete some extra winning combinations at any time. The green and slimy ghost symbol can turn into giant bonus wheel, and all you have to do is find 3 of them on the reels at the same time. Spin each wheel and you will get a chance to multiply your current wager up to 2000 times.

The bonus ghost symbols are even rarer in Ghostbusters Triple Slime, but much more powerful at the same time. 3 of them scattered on the reels activate the Triple Slime bonus round, where you need to pick the right ghost in order to activate as many bonus wheels as possible. This time, you can win up to 5000 times your wager at once, plus added multipliers going up to x10.

A Popular Franchise

If you browse the IGT portfolio a little, you will soon notice plenty of other slot games with original settings and extra ways to win. Take Miss White for example, and you will be able to enjoy a large 1024-way pay system with a low volatility. In terms of bonuses, however, Ghostbusters Triple Slime still remains much more generous.

This is not the first slot game Ghostbusters adaptation either. IGT’s soberly named Ghostbusters has already been inspired by the very same film, with much simpler settings. This older version only had 40 paylines to offer, and much fewer bonuses, if any at all, to spice things up a little for the most ambitious gamblers out there.

Not the Easiest Slot Game, but One of the Funniest

Ghostbusters Triple Slime is an ambitious and sometimes complex slot game. The basic rules are simple enough, but the many bonus wheels and special icons available make the experience richer and potentially very rewarding. And with such a large betting range, we cannot recommend it enough for all the high rollers and fearless gamblers out there.

We did find Ghostbusters Triple Slime to be very entertaining overall. With the promise of some very big wins at stake, the game can potentially attract gamblers who have no idea about the original movie. That being said, a certain degree of familiarity with our ghost-chasing heroes will make the experience even more enjoyable.

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