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Best Casinos VIP Online 2022

You should definitely consider joining a premium casino, if you are looking for a first-class user experience. Gain access to exclusive games, premium special offers and many other great benefits. Make replenishments and cash out your winnings without any limits. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information that you should know about VIP casinos, namely, the most important criteria to consider while looking for a good gambling platform, the most commonly offered payment methods and games. 

Best VIP Casinos For Gamblers

Obtain exceptional attitude and have fun while winning big at exclusive online casinos. Get an opportunity to have a personal manager, which will respond to any requests promptly. Acquire access to limited bonus offers such as cashback and other personal gifts there. Unique loyalty programs and high-quality gambling services and many other benefits are waiting for you which will undoubtedly create a memorable user experience. Examine the list of the best VIP casinos that will be perfect gambling venues for you and select your casino in an instant.

Top Payout VIP Casinos 2022

Do not wait long for financial operations to be completed at the casinos. Give preference to those casinos that will allow you to cash out your winnings at the shortest possible time. Go through the most prominent VIP casinos online which propose fast payouts and pick the most appealing platform for you. Start playing today and get immediate access to your winnings.

How Do We Choose Best VIP Online Casino

Nowadays, there are a great number of diverse casinos available on the market. However, not all of them are reliable places for gambling. That is why it may be quite difficult to pick an indeed trustworthy online casino from so many options available. All gambling platforms that are included in our lists, go through a rigorous checking procedure. We take into account diverse criteria, while analyzing VIP casinos, to make sure that they meet all the required standards of good gambling platforms. More about these standards you can read below.

Withdrawal Time

Finance is one of the main components of gambling. Every player wants to make money and receive payout as soon as possible, using a convenient payment system. Therefore, we analyze all the methods for cashing out that are proposed by a VIP casino. The more options are available, the better it is for the gamblers, because then they may choose the most suitable option for them. What is more, we check whether there are certain requirements imposed that players should meet in order to be able to receive their winnings.

For example, one of such requirements may be personal verification, when gamblers are asked to provide digital copies of the documents that will confirm their age and identity. If this is necessary, then the withdrawal time will obviously be longer. Furthermore, we also examine the limits and speed of processing the transactions with respect to diverse payment systems. In addition to that, we also check whether there are any payment fees charged.

The RTP percentage is also considered by us, which is the theoretical percentage of winnings that a player can get in an online casino for a certain period of time. It may vary from 80% to 98% depending on the gambling platform. The higher is the payout percentage, the more money players may win in a selected casino.


This is among the most important criteria that we consider, as we want to make sure that a VIP casino will be absolutely safe for gamblers. Foremost, we analyze whether a gambling platform has a data protection protocol for online payments that encrypt all the private  users’ information. What is more, it protects players against fraudsters and the disclosure of data to third party services, which could possibly lead to material damage. If a casino has a necessary level of protection and a system of control measures, then it may be definitely trusted and in the case of any problematic situations, the users may contact the administration and receive help.

Moreover, online VIP casinos that take care of the security of their customers, ask them to verify their account and all the personal information that they entered during the registration by providing a photo of a passport, driver’s license or other documents to confirm the identity, home address and age of the player. All this data is requested for their safety reasons only. Verification also prevents underage users from using the gambling platform. The gamblers should not be afraid, because this data will be securely encrypted by the casino. We also check whether the casino uses a Random Number Generator, which ensures that all numbers are random and there is no scheme or algorithm that aims to swindle players.

Online casinos should comply with responsible gambling policy to make their platforms secure for players who might have some addiction. They should inform players about the risks associated with gambling, as well as allow them to establish certain limits of replenishments or on spending, for example. Then gamblers will be aware of the risks and will be able to have more control over their activity on the platform. Furthermore, casinos may also include information about the organizations that provide gambling services to players with control issues so that they could reach them deliberately from their websites.

Trust And Licensing

What also needs to be analyzed, is the license that a VIP casino owns because it is a clear indicator of its legitimacy. It is issued by official institutions such as Curaçao, Malta, Costa Rica, etc. License information is usually placed at the bottom of the homepage. It should contain the number, the date of issue, the expiry date and the name of the regulatory body.

Therefore, gamblers may even easily check this data on their own. For players, a casino license availability is legal protection. In the event of a conflict (lack of payments, a long withdrawal of funds, suspicions of falsifying the results, etc.), the gambler has the right to contact the supervisory authority that issued the document and file a complaint. Besides, by opting for a casino that is officially supervised by the regulatory body, you can be 100% sure that all the winnings that you get are absolutely legal and can be easily withdrawn.

Customer Support

We only recommend those VIP casinos online that have effective customer support, because it means that they care for their gamblers, and are ready to provide assistance in any appearing issues. Customer service may be contacted through diverse channels such as email, website contact form, live chat, phone number or social networking sites. We check the working hours of the customer help team and the time that gamblers will need to wait for the answer from them.

Moreover, players may face diverse common problems while using a gambling platform. Therefore, what would be quite beneficial for them is a special FAQ block, where they will be able to find quick solutions to the most common issues without even contacting the customer care team and waiting for the response.

Payment Methods In TOP VIP Casinos

As was already mentioned before, we take a close look at the range of methods for payments that are proposed by VIP casinos, to ensure that at least some of the most widespread banking systems are presented. Below, there are the most well-known payment options that are chosen by gamblers. 


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that ensures fast and secure transactions without any intermediaries, which means that money is sent directly from the sender to the recipient. This payment method has many benefits. The first one is security, as the blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses ensures the protection of payments. What is more, this currency has decentralized storage of data which also contributes to its high level of safety.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency also allows gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals anonymously without revealing their identity. There is no need to deal with bank institutions and provide any personal or financial information. All they will have to do is just enter their wallet address. In addition, there are no fees charged for performing the transactions.


PayPal is one of the most popular debit payment systems that operates worldwide and supports payments in a considerable number of currencies. It serves more than two million customers and that is why almost all online casinos offer the opportunity to deposit and payout money using this payment system. Players just need to link their bank account to their PayPal account in order to start performing the transactions easily. 

When it comes to the main benefits of this payment method, there is a high level of security. You do not have to provide any details about your bank account when you pay and free registration which takes no more than a few minutes. Furthermore, opening an account as well as making money transfers is simple and fast. You also receive a notification to your email address about each payment that you make in a VIP casino so that you never lose sight of them. Also, there is a multifunctional application for mobile devices which even more simplifies the process of performing financial operations. 


This is also a good option for conducting financial transactions at the casino. Skrill works closely with many gambling platforms, and is considered one of the easiest ways to replenish the wallet. This payment instrument is available in about two hundred countries. What is more, Skrill accepts more than forty diverse currencies, which makes it really appealing to players.

This electronic payment service allows gamblers to make payments online at VIP casinos as quickly and safely as possible. For this process, they will only need an email address  ​​and a password. The main pros of Skrill are convenience, rapid transactions processing, the possibility to open several accounts in different currencies, favorable conversion fees and high limits.


This is a payment system that is used by millions of gamblers nowadays and is regarded as one of the leaders in the market. Neteller is available in many countries of the world and supports more than twenty currencies. The main advantage of using Neteller at an online casino is that replenishments and cashouts are nearly instantaneous. That is why gamblers will not need to wait long for the transactions to be performed.

Players should first complete an application in order to open an account in Neteller. Once it is approved, they may transfer money into it. These funds will be held securely there and may be used by gamblers to play in VIP casinos. As far as other pros of the system are considered, players may acquire VIP status and numerous privileges, the absence of commission, increased data protection.


This is a payment system that uses prepaid cards with values of from 10 to 100 EUR. Those cards may be bought in more than fifty countries across the globe, and this number is constantly increasing. There are also lots of gambling platforms that support this payment system. Gamblers may easily top up their account with paysafecard without completing a registration and providing any personal data.

Therefore, players take care of confidentiality and information protection by choosing this payment method, as the card is not tied to a bank account. They simply buy a card for cash in distribution points and enter a 16-digit pin code on the website of a VIP casino to make a payment there. So, the main advantages of this method is anonymity, no fees, instant transfers, security and the possibility to choose the amount of money on the card.

Best Online Casino Games 

A good VIP casino should propose a wide range of games such as slots, roulette, poker, card and table games that are created by leading software providers who use the newest technologies to create games with the best technical characteristics. Here are the most popular types of games that every reputable casino offers.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the classic card matching table game, where one or more players try to beat the casino by getting a better combination than the dealer does. Unlike other casino games, e.g. online slot machines where luck decides the outcome of the game, Blackjack is a game, where skill and knowledge play the greatest role. The gamblers may practice their abilities and develop their own winning strategy in this particular game, based on statistics of their previous games.

Blackjack is played with two or more decks of cards, each containing fifty-two cards. Gamblers may beat the dealer in one of three possible ways: they have Blackjack (twenty-one points) and the dealer does not; they score more points than the croupier without exceeding twenty-one points; the dealer has over twenty-one points. In blackjack, the value of all number cards is their face value. In other words, 2 is two points, 9 is nine points, and the same logic applies to all other number cards. All three cards with pictures (J, Q, K) give 10 points and the value of the ace (A) is 1 or 11.

Here comes a step-by-step instruction on how to play this game:

  • Select a table and make a punt according to its betting limits. Make sure that you choose the right table for your finances and expectations.
  • When all players are present at the table the croupier deals the cards. Each gambler receives two cards, one opened and one closed.
  • Take a look at your cards, count your points and decide what to do next on the basis of your situation.
  • At this point, you will compare your cards with the dealer’s and decide who wins.
  • Finally, the size of winnings is calculated on the basis of the results.

There may be several variations of blackjack encountered in the best VIP casinos. The first one is Double Exposure or Face Up. In this type of game, the croupier reveals two of his cards while distributing. However, the gamblers cannot buy the insurance and the size of payout drops significantly in this case. The second variation of the Blackjack game is called Pontoon, and is played with four, five or six decks of cards. In such a game, the player does not have a chance to look at the dealer’s card. Another type of this game is Single Deck where only one deck of cards is used, which increases the likelihood of winning greatly for gamblers.

Online Roulette 

This game takes the highest positions in the ratings of the most admired games in VIP casinos. What is really attractive to most gamblers, is that there is an option to play progressive online Roulette which gives them the opportunity to win a huge jackpot. When it comes to the most important rules of playing this game, it is played at a special table consisting of two parts: a wheel and a platform with numbered red and black colored areas. 

The most popular rates for playing online Roulette are even or odd and red or black. All results are completely random and that is why it is not possible to predict the results of the game and develop a strategy. A VIP casino may give players a choice to play against the computer or a real dealer. Some gamblers believe the second option to be more exciting as a true professional is involved in the game. As far as the types of Roulette are considered, there are three main ones: French, European and American.

These variations differ in the number of dealers and the number of zeros on the field. The French game has one zero and thirty-six numbers on the platform. European roulette is probably the most widespread type of this game that may be found in literally every online casino. It has thirty-seven numbers and a zero on a green background. The American version has thirty-eight sections, two of which are zeros, marked as single zero and double zero. 

Online Video Poker

This is a single-player game that may also be discovered in VIP casinos. There are no players, who compete against each other as in traditional poker. The winnings are determined by a special payout table. Machines for video poker resemble slot machines. When playing video poker, all that players need to know is the hierarchy of card combinations.

There may be two main types of the game distinguished. The first one is single-player, and it includes such games as Jacks or Better, Joker and Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker or Tens or Better. The second one is the Caribbean Stud in which there is also a dealer involved. Each version of the game has its own procedure and rules and that is why it is crucial for players to familiarize themselves with this information first.

For example in Deuces Wild, each “two” symbol functions as the “wild” symbol from slots which can replace any other card in order to create a victorious combination. When it comes to Jacks or Better, the payouts start from a pair of jacks and the lover cards do not count. In Tens or Better, though,  the winnings start to be calculated from a pair of tens. As far as the Bonus Poker game is considered, its rules are quite similar to the Jack or Better variety, but the winnings are calculated at special odds in different combinations. In Joker Poker, a joker card may replace other cards in chains. 

The process of the video poker game looks like the following: a player starts the game and gets five cards. He will be able to click on any cards that he/she doesn’t want to and select “deal” or “draw” on the machine. Then those selected cards will be replaced with new ones. Then the results are shown whether he wins or not and the winnings are distributed.  

Online Craps

This is one of the oldest classic dice games that is available in the majority of online VIP casinos. The principle of the game of dice is simple – the player should make bets on the possible outcomes of the roll. In the online craps, the dice are not physically rolled, but the random number generator produces a result each time. There are two dice rolled simultaneously and thirty-six possible combinations that may appear in the game. There are two principal types of punts that are placed which are called “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass.”

A Pass line is a punt that is made before the first roll. If there will be seven or eleven, it will mean victory whereas two, three or twelve equals failure. Don’t pass line is a reverse bet to pass line which is placed against the shooter. The winning numbers are two and three and the losing ones are seven and eleven. As it happens with most games, the dice game has also been modified over the years and there are many variants of the game that are offered by top VIP casinos nowadays. Here are some of them: Highpoint Craps, Crapless Craps, Bank Craps, Die Rich Craps, New York Craps, High Limit and Low Limit Craps, etc.

Crapless Craps, for example, is a more simplified version of the game as the player will not lose when there will appear such numbers as two, three or twelve. In Highpoint Craps, the gambler will win if numbers eleven and twelve. New York Craps is a version of the game in which such bets as Come and Don’t Come are absent. So, the craps game provides a great balance between a random factor and strategy. At the same time, due to the simplicity of the rules, it will not be a problem even for beginning gamblers to master the game easily.

VIP Casinos With The Highest Payouts 

If you are enthusiastic about winning huge sums of money, then you should check the VIP casinos that are provided below. They will treat you with really lucrative special bonuses which will make it possible for you to acquire the highest possible rewards and payouts.


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Can You Really Win Money On Online Casinos?

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Do Online Casinos Actually Pay Out?

Yes, online casinos pay out winnings to players provided that they are licensed and reliable gambling companies.

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