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Best Mobile Casino 2022

Mobile casino is among the recent innovations in the gambling sphere that was introduced thanks to the development of modern technologies. This could be a mobile version of the website or a separate application, that allows players to enjoy playing games conveniently on their smartphones or tablets. In this article, we will provide you with all the crucial information on how to select the proper casino for your smartphone or tablet, what popular games will be available to you and what bonuses you can count on after registration.

How Do Mobile Casinos Work?

New mobile casinos are online casinos that offer an opportunity for players to gamble via a special application or an optimized version of the main website for mobile devices. Such casinos feature all the same gambling options that are in the casino website. Furthermore, there may be some additional promotions accessible in such casinos which are not present in the desktop version. That is why more and more online casinos produce a mobile version of their platforms that will be compatible with different operating systems.

Top Mobile Casinos 2022

If you are looking for a great place for gambling via your mobile phone, then you are at the right place. Below, we provide you with the best mobile online casinos that offer an extensive range of diverse games, profitable special offers and intuitive interface. So, go through the list, choose the most appealing platform for gambling, and get a memorable user experience there.

How To Pick A Mobile Casino Online

The most crucial thing that every gambler should do is to select a good casino for playing games. It may be quite challenging, due to the great number of diverse gambling platforms that are available on the Internet. Therefore, here are the most important criteria that you should consider while seeking a mobile casino for you.


Make sure that the online casino you would like to join is licensed and regulated by one of the official authorities. There should be information about the valid license on the main website of the casino, that is in free access for everyone. Furthermore, it is also important to keep in mind that you are going to share your personal information on the platform, and that is why it should own all the necessary certificates that will guarantee the anonymity and protection of privacy.

It is also worth mentioning that the online casinos also use SSL encryption technology to ensure the digital security. This technology is the same as that used by banking institutions, which protects all sensitive details that users provide and allows them to detect suspicious activity in time and prevent frauds.


What is also worth paying attention to while looking for a good mobile online casino, is the variety of bonuses. Many gambling platforms have exclusive and profitable special offers for downloading applications and being active users, which may give significant benefits to players. These could be welcome rewards, reload bonuses, no deposit gifts, free spins, cashback, VIP program, etc. By the way, special offers are usually accompanied by certain wagering requirements that gamblers should fulfill before they will be able to acquire their winnings.

These could be the number of times the bonus sum should be wagered, or the specified range of games, that should be played only. So, examine those demands in order to understand whether they are possible to meet, because it sometimes happens that casinos establish unrealistic requirements, which are not realistic and that is why gamblers are not able to acquire bonuses. 

Game Library

The variety of games offered by casinos is also an important criterion. Check the types of games that are available for playing and make sure that there are those games that you want to try. The more diverse forms of entertainment are proposed by the mobile casino, the better it is. The casino frequently makes sure that the most-liked games are available in the mobile version. That is why the most popular kinds of games such as slots, Roulette, Video Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat are offered by the majority of casinos for mobile devices.

Mobile casino games do not differ in appearance from computer games. They have the same features, graphics, music and rules, but there are only small changes introduced to facilitate playing games on a smaller screen. In the mobile version of casino the gamblers will also be able to choose from two variants of games: traditional and live dealer games. By selecting a live casino, players will enter the world of competition and obtain unforgettable emotions out of playing with dealers who are real people as in the land-based casinos.

What is also significant to check, is the software providers – whether these are modern reputable manufacturers in the gambling industry which use contemporary technology to create games. These could be licensed companies with proper certification, that allows them to sell the games to casinos. The fairness of games is contingent upon the reliability of manufacturers because they should constantly be checked by independent organizations to make sure that they conform to the mandatory standards. The most prominent creators of games for new mobile casinos are Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Net Entertainment, Betsoft, Novomatic and many other ones. 

New Technology

Some casinos implement innovative technologies into their platforms. For example, the players may set limits on replenishments or the amount of money that they will be able to spend on gambling over a certain period of time. It will be especially useful for those gamblers who have problems with addiction as they may take full responsibility for their activity in the casino.

What is more, many mobile casinos may use advanced transaction coding systems as well as propose innovative payment methods such as cryptocurrency. Also, the platform should use the Random Number Generator system which ensures total randomness of results in slot machines and during virtual table games.

Furthermore, new technologies significantly increase visual effects and the quality of user experience. They make games even more attractive and engaging to players. Thanks to advanced 3D graphics, the users may immerse deeply in the virtual world of different games and interact with other gamblers from all over the world.


Foremost, check whether the online casino is accessible in mobile browser only or whether it is a special application created, that may be downloaded on diverse devices. Try in which browsers you may access the webpage and the operating systems that the app is compatible with (Android, iOS, Windows). Make sure that the new mobile casino works well on a smaller screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Usually, the casinos are fully optimized for diverse mobile devices and gamblers may access all the main functions. Therefore, they may not only play games in the app, but also make replenishments and cashouts, claim bonuses and contact customer support to obtain help with any upcoming issues.

Do All Devices Support Mobile Casinos?

Gambling companies do their utmost in order to make mobile casinos as accessible to everyone as possible. Therefore, the majority of devices that are present nowadays such as Android, iOS and Windows support casinos for smartphones and tablets. Players may check whether a casino will work fine on the precise model of their mobile phone or tablet in the official stores such as Google Play or App Store or on the main webpage of the casino as they typically provide the lists of supported devices.

Popular Mobile Casino Games 

Today, there is a great variety of different types of games that are offered by gambling platforms. Below you will find more details regarding the most admired kinds of games that should be definitely offered by mobile casinos.


This is a casino game, the main goal of which is to collect 21 points (or the number of points that is as close to this score as possible). In mobile casinos, the rules of Blackjack are the same as in the official browser version of the main website on the computer. Gamblers may choose to play against the computer or the real dealer in live mode.

There are different types of that game that can be offered by new mobile casinos  depending on the type of cards, sizes of bets or other additional rules. However, the general rules are more or less the same. Moreover, this game is fast-paced as the round usually takes about five minutes.

There is an American version of Blackjack in which the croupier deals 2 cards to himself and then opens one of them to players. European Blackjack has stricter rules than American Blackjack, which means there is more risk and thrill in the game. This version will be suitable for professional gamblers.

The strongest and highest paying card combination is Blackjack, which consists of an Ace and any ten-point card. In this version of the game, the dealer receives only one open card. Players receive two cards each and make decisions before the dealer takes the second card. In the Switch version of the game, there is a possibility to double the bets and exchange cards whereas in the Pontoon version, the gamblers are allowed to take an additional card for free.


Online slots are the most important part of any mobile casino because they are the main interest of players. There is an extensive variety of diverse types of slot machines that exist in these times. Fruit machines are a separate variety of slots. These are 3-reel machines with fruit symbols and very simple rules which makes them suitable for beginners. The players need to collect a winning combination on a single payline.

Video slots are another type of this game which has 5 reels and up to several hundred paylines. There are also mega spin slots offered by mobile online casinos where gamblers may play up to even nine games at the same time. Therefore, the chances of winning big are really huge. Progressive slots are another variation of the game which allows players to win significant jackpots.

Depending on the number of reels, online slots are divided into several categories: 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel and 9-reel slot games. Each slot machine has its own RTP percentage established which indicates the amount of money that is returned to the gambler. It usually varies from 80 to 98%. What is more, there may also be volatility mentioned which shows the frequency and size of winnings. The volatility may be low, medium and high. Low volatility means that the winning combination appears quite often, but the size of prizes is relatively small whereas high volatility indicates that the winnings are quite big, but they happen rarely. 

The principle of slots in a mobile casino is that in order to win, a winning combination must fall out. Winning combinations may be completely different depending on the type of game players choose. The most frequent prize symbols in modern slots are the following: 

  • Wild – replace other symbols or sectors of the reel to get a winning combination. 
  • Scatter – form winning combinations in any position on the screen. 
  • Bonus –activate other games such as mini-tournaments, multiplier games, rounds of guessing cards, symbols, etc.

All combinations in slot machines fall out thanks to the Random Number Generator which is a program with an algorithm that generates random sequences of numerical combinations. The system works continuously and performs many mathematical operations. Because of this, it generates numbers in an unpredictable order. Neither the gambling operator nor the casino customers can know about each new combination. Therefore, no strategies may be developed while playing slots in mobile online casinos. 


This is a card game the goal of which is to make a combination with the help of two or three cards, which in total will give a number of points close to or equal to nine. 12 to 14 players can participate simultaneously in the game. In the traditional version of the entertainment, the players compete among themselves, deciding whether to take the third card or refuse it. All cards in this game have their own value, for example, an ace is worth 1 point and cards from 2 to 9 are calculated at face value. 

The players may place diverse types of bets in Baccarat. The first kind is placed on the victory of the gambler, the second one is on the success of the dealer while the third one is on the equal number of points in both player and a dealer. The gambler should make a bet before the croupier will start distributing the cards. The size of a punt should be within the minimum and maximum limits established for a chosen table. 

The dealer gives two cards to the gambler and himself/herself as well. If the player has fewer than six points, then he/she will need to take one more card. However, if he/she gets eight or nine points out of two cards deliberately after dealing, then both croupier and a player show their cards to each other in order to compare the number of points and determine the winner. 

In addition to the American version, there may be other types of Baccarat in a mobile casino. But the essence of the game remains unchanged. The rules of the game may differ depending on the following factors: 

  • Number of participating decks (1-8).
  • Number of participants (up to 14 players). 
  • Rules for the distribution, as well as the purchase of cards, including the amount and procedure for payments.
  • The role of the dealer.
  • Payouts come from the bank or bets. 
  • Marking on the tables in various types of games. 


This is one of the mobile casino games where players bet on what number or groups of numbers the ball will fall on the wheel, and the casino pays out the winnings in case of a match of the dropped number according to the made bet. The Roulette game table itself consists of a wheel with numbered cells and a playing field on which all possible bets are marked.

There are several types of Roulette that may be displayed in new mobile casinos. The first variation of the game is French Roulette which is among the oldest versions of this game and has not yet lost its popularity. It is distinguished by the layout of the table and the use of terminology in French. This type of Roulette requires players to memorize all types of bets very carefully, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to play. Furthermore, gamblers need to pay attention to the table of limits, when choosing a table as it determines the minimum and maximum possible bets.

European Roulette is another variation of this game which is similar to the French version. The main difference that pleases many players is that this version uses English terminology. The rest of the rules are similar, and the point is to guess one of the 37 numbers. In the American type of Roulette, there are two zero numbers (0 and 00) and the general arrangement of the numbers is somewhat different from how they are arranged in the previous versions of the game.


This is a dynamic dice game that is offered by almost any mobile casino. The number of players is not limited in these games. There are two dice that are used in the game. The main goal of the game is to guess which combination of dice will come up in the next round and bet accordingly. Each round consists of two stages: The Come Out Roll and Point Roll. During the first stage, players place bets on the win or loss of the shooter: Pass Line when you bet on the player who is currently throwing the dice and Don’t Pass Line when you bet against the player who is throwing the dice.

There are several varieties of Craps. These kinds of games differ in the markings on the gambling table and betting options. The first variety is Las Vegas craps in which players may choose to play against each other or a croupier. New York Craps is another type of game in which the casino deducts five per cent in its favor no matter whether a gambler wins or not.

Simplified Craps is a type of game which is perfect for beginners. It also includes a table with betting fields. However, the number of sectors for placing chips has been significantly reduced. To play simplified Craps in a mobile casino, it is enough to remember a simple rule: bets placed on numbers from two to four and from ten to twelve wins. All numbers in the interval (5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) lead to a loss.

Best Mobile Casino Bonuses 

There is severe competition between diverse online casinos on the gambling market. Therefore, some platforms want to attract as many players as possible by offering them pleasant bonuses for using a mobile casino that allows them to multiply their winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of special offer is usually given to players for registration. It is admired especially by the beginners because they do not have to invest their own money in order to obtain this reward.  No deposit bonuses are presented in several varieties. This could be a welcome gift to new players for completing the sign-up procedure successfully. It may also be given as a present for holidays or for receiving a new level in the loyalty program.

No deposit bonuses are traditionally presented in many forms. It could be bonus cash which will be credited to the account automatically, free spins which allow gamblers to increase their winnings, cashback which is a refund of some part of lost money over a certain period of time. No deposit mobile casinos typically set certain conditions that players should meet in order to be able to pay out the bonus money.

It could be a wager, which is the number of times the size of the bonus should be rolled over, the activation period during which players may make use of a special offer because after this time it will burn out, the wagering time which is a period of time over which they should fulfill the requirements, limits on the size of bets, game restriction as casinos may not allow gamblers to play all the entertainment, but only some, etc.

Welcome Bonus

This is a type of reward that mobile casinos offer to all new players so that they could increase their balance from the very start. That is why such bonuses are usually really profitable in order to encourage players to join the gambling operator. In order to acquire this special offer, they should simply create a personal account by providing their private data and complete the verification procedure successfully. 

Welcome bonuses may be divided into several types. The most popular is the deposit bonus which can be found in all casinos for mobile devices. In order to acquire this reward, the players will have to make replenishment first. Then they will receive a certain percentage from the deposit in a form of bonus cash. Another widespread type of welcome gift is free spins which allow players to try their hand in slot machines and even get a chance to win money. 


Free Spins Bonus

This is the type of reward which allows gamblers to spin the reels of slot machines for free. Therefore, they may win real money without the need of spending their own funds. No deposit mobile casinos may give free spins for downloading the application on mobile devices, creating an account, making a replenishment or being active on their platform. The casinos may also establish certain conditions regarding this type of bonus. 

Differences Between Mobile Casino Sites And PC

If you are not sure whether you would like to install a mobile casino on your smartphone or rather use a desktop version of the main website on your computer, below are the main differences presented between those two options. 

Mobile casino Desktop version
Quick access to all games at hand Compatible with all devices
Using a small amount of traffic Does not take space on mobile devices
Fully adapted to any gadget High quality graphics
Notification about recent news, promotions A possibility to try the newest games
No Internet connection is required A stable connection is necessary
A possibility to use a touchscreen A chance to play games using a keyboard

How To Access Mobile Online Casinos?

In order to obtain full access to a mobile casino and start playing your favorite games, you should do the following:

    • Visit the main website of the gambling company and download a version of the application that is compatible with your operating system. 
    • Log into your account if you have one, or create it by providing all the required personal data. 
  • Go through the account verification process later and confirm your identity with documents such as a passport or ID card. 
  • Once you have access to your private account, you should top up your wallet by choosing a suitable payment method and the size of replenishment. 
  • After you deposit funds, you may go to the catalog of games that is proposed by the casino and start playing your favorite game. 
  • Also, if you have obtained some kind of bonus, you may activate it at this point and move on to completing the wagering requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos are online casinos that are optimized for playing on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. They offer the same feature as full desktop versions. 

Can I Play Free Mobile Casino Games?

Yes, some mobile casinos allow gamblers to try out some of their games for free which is a great way to try new games before actually playing for real money.

Will I Have The Same Game Selection At Mobile Online Casinos?

Most of the time the selection of mobile casino games does not differ from the one in the desktop version, but sometimes it may happen that some games are not available on mobile devices because they are not adapted yet or cannot be for some reasons. 

Can I Use The Same Account As My Computer?

Yes, you may use the same account as on your computer without no need to register a new one. All information will be transferred to your mobile device automatically, once you log into your account. 

Do You Need To Download An App?

If you plan to use the web version of the mobile casino, you do not need to download the casino software. You will simply need an internet browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and the Internet connection. If you prefer to play in the application, then you will have to install it on your device either from the website of the gambling company, or official stores such as the Apple Store or Google Play. 

Will I Get A Welcome Bonus If I Play On My Mobile?

Yes, most casinos for mobile devices offer welcome rewards to new players, who create an account on the mobile phone, but also additional bonuses to already existing users for downloading applications. 

Are My Details Safe?

If you choose a reputable and licensed casino from the list above, you shouldn’t have any problems. These mobile casinos use the same top-notch security and encryption to take data protection very seriously. Therefore, at such gambling platforms, your personal details will be absolutely safe.