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Live Casino 2022

In 2022 live casinos have reached a new turn in technological development and the quality of their services. Such gambling resources are a choice for anyone who missed land-based casinos, but don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes. Read the article and get the chance to find any type of traditional and new casino games with a real person as a dealer, who will assist and encourage you via live chat. Find out how to select the best live gambling site, and how to start playing games.

List Of Live Casinos For Gamblers 2022

If you are looking for the best live casino to experience all the advantages of a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment without any necessity to leave the comfort of your own place, then the list we have prepared is for you. We have tested plenty of online gambling sites that offer this truly special function – online gambling with live dealers. High-quality games and services are guaranteed to anyone who decides to join one of them. Simply choose any of the platforms presented below, create an account and enjoy the amazing opportunity to choose your dealer, and start playing for real money immediately.

Best Online Live Dealer Casinos

Gambling via one of your gadgets with the best live casino online provides a lot of enjoyment and thrill, as if you are visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. You will get just the same atmosphere and experience of a real casino, the same rush of adrenalin when luck is on your side, and you are winning. 

To determine whether a casino site deserves the title of the best one on the market, you should check whether it meets certain requirements. Let’s go through some of the most important features that each reputable gambling site with live games should have on its must-to-have list of options.

  1. An online casino should be licensed to provide any gaming services to players. License is not only proof of a legal gambling activity, but also a guarantee of player’s protection. It imposes the requirement to establish excellent communication between a site and gamblers. Moreover, you can be sure that your sensitive information won’t be traded to any third-party resources. A license can be issued by a local or international regulatory body like The UK Gambling Commission, Curaçao eGaming Authority, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or others. You can check whether a live casino is regulated in the “About Us” section.
  2. Any gambling site needs to have a well-developed promotion system. You won’t, probably, find a casino online without any bonuses these days. Thus, with such high competition, it would be a great idea to look for the best bonus offers there are. They can significantly increase your bankroll and provide access to more gaming opportunities like exclusive international competitions. With an organized bonus system you’ll be able to receive a deposit, no-deposit bonuses, cash-backs, and other perks on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.
  3. A live dealer casino should provide its players with a customer support service of excellent quality. If it works on an international scale, the resource should include a list of languages to choose from when communicating with a customer support agent. What’s more, if a casino site works 24/7, a site has to offer access to customer support agents during the same time. The experts working there are required to provide players with the friendliest attitude, professional assessment of each situation, and fast responses. Whether you make a phone call, write an email or type your question in a live chat, you should get only the best CS service.
  4. An extensive game variety is also a major requirement for any well-established live casino. Table games and games of chance should be presented in a great number for players to select from. For beginners, it would be better to choose among less sophisticated games with a shortlist of rules to figure out. Such gambling options like American and European Roulette, and Craps, for example, would do perfectly well. For more advanced gamers there are variations of Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat card games.
  5. A good choice of payment options is a must for any respectable online casino that offers live games. Bank cards and different electronic means of payment are among the most demanded options to deposit and withdraw funds on a casino site. Visa, Maestro, Mastercard in their different variants like deposit, credit, and prepaid cards should be among the open options on a Cashier’s page of the best live casinos. As to the e-wallets, PayPal, Skrill, ecoPayz, Netteller are some of the most popular examples. It would be a huge benefit for a casino to include cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc.) in the list of available payment methods.

Choosing The Best Live Casino Games

When selecting the best live casino games make sure you take into account your level of preparation, preferences, and budget you are ready to spend on gambling. If you are new to this type of activity, consider games of chance that have minimum rules to figure out and offer a lot of fun. If you’d like to try something more sophisticated, or you already have some previous experience, you can look for a place at a table of one of the casino card games. Don’t forget that with casinos featuring live games, you can also choose a dealer – a person who will spin the roulette wheel or deal the cards to you.

Live Baccarat

When playing Baccarat with the live dealer, you will experience the real casino atmosphere when being dealt cards in Baccarat. You will receive 2-3 cards with the aim to hit 9 points maximum as soon as possible. In order to win real money in the game, you don’t have to achieve the highest score. The main goal is to make a correct prediction. Your task is to guess the correct outcome of a round making the choice between the player’s, dealer’s hand, or a tie. You can decide upon various combinations including all three options in your final decision.

Live Blackjack

As any table game at a live casino, Blackjack requires some preparations like learning a couple of rules and developing a strategic approach. However, compared to other card games, it is less complicated and will perfectly suit the beginners. You play against a live dealer with the task to beat his hand. The cards of your hand should be worth 21 points. You can win with a smaller score, if a live dealer appears to have a worse combination of cards on his hand. But you lose immediately, if you make it more than 21. At the beginning of a game, a pleasant smiling woman or man deals you two cards leaving you with the choice to hit – take some more cards, or to stand – wait. It is simple to make calculations and fast decisions, as each number card carries the corresponding numerical value and each face card is worth 10. One more advantage of the game is its comparatively low house edge, which increases a gambler’s chances of winning.

Live Craps

Craps belong to the so-called games of chance where the outcome of gambling depends more on luck than skills. Anyhow, if you haven’t played the game, you will have to do some previous learning of the rules before you can get to it. The game consists of two parts or rounds. During the first round, one of the players at a table, who is called a shooter rolls the two dice. A player can make two types of bets: Pass the line or Don’t pass the line. Depending on a combination of numbers gamblers can lose, win, receive their wagers back, or simply get the chance to continue. During the second part of the game, which is called The Point gamblers with Pass line bets remain. The objective is to roll the point which will be less than 7. In this case, all the Pass line bettors win, but if it is more than 7, they all lose. With the best live casino, you will get the chance to choose a live dealer who is the most appealing to you.

Live Roulette

One more traditional live casino game of chance that has established itself at the majority of the casinos all around the world. With casinos that offer real-time streaming, it is already great luck to have the possibility to observe how a real casino wheel spins with the ball, jumping on slots arriving at one of them at last. With some more luck, you can win a fortune if you happen to guess the right slot the ball arrives at. You can simplify the guessing task for yourself and increase your chances to win real money. You can choose between the two colors – red and black; or types of slot numbers – odd or even. Furthermore, you can place your digital chips on the combination of numbers – two, three, or even six of them. There are also some more combinations you can employ that bring more excitement and add more variety to the game. There is also an opportunity to choose between different kinds of Roulette to play. For example, you can come across American and European Roulette that differ in the number of slots. There are more of them in American Roulette that has an additional double zero slot. The house edge becomes higher in this case but the payouts and thrill are also bigger.

How To Play Live Casino Games 

To play live casino games online, go to one of the websites presented in the post and register there. The registration process won’t take much time and trouble. You can follow the few-steps guide below to make it even easier:

  1. Click/tap on the “Log in”/ “Register” button that is usually located in the middle or upper right corner of a casino’s site homepage. It always stands out because of its large size and bright color making it quite easy to notice the button.
  2. You will be redirected to a short information form that you are required to fill in with your ID data and contact details. Check a little box next to the Terms and Conditions agreement and confirm the registration.
  3. The next step is to verify your account. It can be accomplished via an email or SMS, where you’ll be sent a verification code.
  4. Fund your account with some money, as you won’t be able to start gambling without it. Frequently, there is the minimum first deposit the size of which depends on each particular casino site. As a rule, the information on the sum will be available right on the Cashier’s page or else, you can find it in the Terms and Conditions section.
  5. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus which is available to all players who use one of the websites above. We made sure to include only the best live dealer casinos that offer sign-up bonus deals you can get right after registration.
  6. Activate a two-factor authentication to make access to your account more secure

After the registration is already behind, you can proceed with playing. In the games, the menu finds the “Live Dealer” button that will immediately direct you to the selection of games. After you’ve made your choice on the game you’d like to play, click/tap on it. You’ll be taken to a vacant table, where a live dealer will accompany you and where you will gamble against other players, or a casino if the rules imply that. If not, and it’s a game of chance like Roulette is, the atmosphere will be less competitive but not a bit less entertaining and real. Compared to more traditional land-based casinos, the digital game progresses more rapidly, and you’ll immediately receive winning money on your live online casino account. You are free to leave a game or rejoin it any time you like.

Live Casino Bonuses

An advanced bonus system is an important part of good services provided by casinos with live dealers. There are plenty of promotions that casinos arrange for new and loyal players. Sometimes you will get set sums of free cash you can spend on playing certain games. Other times you will be offered surprises that will challenge your imagination and make you eager to continue playing. However, don’t forget that bonuses like games come with rules. Thus, make sure to get yourself familiar with all the rules and regulations before you start spending your bonus. 

Cashback Bonuses

This type of bonus offered by live dealer casinos is an excellent way for gamblers to recoup some of their losses. In case a player gambles and doesn’t win, he/she can expect compensation from a casino which will help to lessen the pain while also providing a good incentive to keep playing. The cashback bonus can be a part of any reward campaign held by a casino. Thus, always pay attention to the current bonus offers, like a promotion of a new game, or special daily and weekly deals. There are variations of the bonus. For example, some casinos are ready to recover a part of the money you lose while others offer cash back for your spending on gambling. The latter means that whether you win or lose, you will be eligible to receive the bonus anyway. As a rule, the percentage of the return varies between 10% and 20% but the size of it always depends on each separate casino and a promotion program the bonus is a part of.

Cash Rewards

Cash rewards are any types of bonuses that involve the free funds offered by a casino to a player as a prize for a particular activity on its website. It is always a set sum of money like, for example, $10, $20, $50, or other, that you will be granted after you accomplish a particular task. You can receive $50 for registration of your account, an additional $20 for downloading and installing a live casino application on your phone, etc. The free cash will appear on your casino bonus account and there won’t be a possibility to withdraw the money right away. The funds have a different objective – to spend them on playing various games on the site. The bonus is an amazing opportunity to play for free and try out your skills in new games, and check whether you like them or not.

Live Casino Deposit Bonuses

Among the large choice of live casino bonuses, there is a chance to get as a sign of recognition for your readiness to invest in a particular casino. The best part is that the size of the reward depends on the sum of money you deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the amount of the bonus is. For example, very often a deposit bonus is a part of a sign-up offer that can be 50%, 100%, or even reach up to 200% of the initial sum of money you put in your account. Thus, in case of a 100% deposit welcome bonus if you invest, saying, $1000, you will receive the matching sum of an extra $1000 on your bonus account. This is an amazing deal, that may double your bankroll from the very beginning. However, pay attention to the terms and conditions of each separate casino website. There may be minimum and maximum limits set on your first deposit.

Wagering Requirements For Live Casino Games

A very important thing to consider before choosing the best live casino to play at is the wagering requirements it imposes on the bonus money. You can always find the exact rules regarding bonuses in the Terms and Conditions section. A wagering requirement will tell you how much money you need to receive in winnings, when you use bonus funds to play before you can withdraw it. For example, if the wagering requirement is 50X on the bonus of $100, multiply the figures to find out the size of the sum you will be allowed to cash out: 50 X 100 = $5000. Moreover, different games can have different weights. Live Roulette may have 80% of the weight while live poker 100%. It means that if you win $1000 when playing roulette, only $800 will count for the winning sum of the wagering requirement. But if you win the same sum playing poker, with 100% of weight all the $1000 will satisfy the requirement.

Live Casino Jackpots

A jackpot is the largest winning, that a gambler can receive playing a live casino game. It can be set by a casino or depend on the sum of money you use to gamble at a particular game. The jackpot can have an accumulative nature like in poker when the winner gets all the money other players lost. In slots, the jackpots are always predefined and their size differs from game to game. Don’t rush to look for the game with the biggest jackpot as it will require more effort and a higher house edge which will decrease your chances for the big win. Games with smaller jackpots can appear to be more rewarding not in terms of the size of your main winning, but rather in terms of the higher chances to win. However, if you belong more to a risky type of person who considers him/herself lucky, you can go for the games with big jackpots. For example, you can try to play Texas Hold ‘Em with a live dealer assisting you and expect to win a considerable amount of funds.

Best Games Provider For Live Casino

Best live casinos will make sure to collaborate only with the most reputable gaming software providers on the market. To offer gamblers a larger choice of games, online casino sites should consider partnering up with a larger scope of suppliers. These suppliers should meet special requirements regarding the software for live gambling websites. First and foremost, a provider has to ensure the highest quality of streaming, as it is the main condition for creating a real casino experience. Secondly, there should be a strive for innovation presented in a provider’s policy. The technological side of online gambling develops fast, and game suppliers need to keep the pace. And, of course, gamblers are always looking for something new, thus the ability to surprise is also an important feature for a truly great provider. There should be new game releases accompanied by generous promotions to encourage players to try the new games.

Among the most famous providers who meet the conditions we can mention the following:

Microgaming – it is the biggest name among the game software providers. The company is responsible for creating the very first online casino out there. It has created more than 600 games that are featured by around 120 casinos online. For more than a decade the supplier has been working on the improvement of live gaming technology. Nowadays, they offer the highest quality products with HD video streaming, multi-window gaming features, and platforms in more than 20 languages. The Multi-Player function will give a gamer the chance to play Roulette or Baccarat at several tables at once.

Evolution Gaming – it is one of the most renowned gambling providers that plenty of live online casinos rely on. The range of games it offers is remarkable: different types of Blackjacks like Blackjack Infinite, Power, and Speed; Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Dream Cather, Monopoly Dream Catcher, and tons of other games. The company has studios in multiple countries like the USA, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Denmark, and others. Another significant feature that distinguishes the company from its competitors is the chance to choose between two of the available viewing modes – Classic and 3D.

PlayTech – licensed by three different gambling authorities (Alderney, the UK, and Gibraltar), the company has been on Asian and European gambling markets since 2003. The native-speaking dealers are ready to provide services in the English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Italian languages. Next to all the traditional games, the provider has some special offers on the gambling list like Double Screen Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Hi-Lo, and Spin and Win.

BetGanes – one more well-established provider with a long history of success. They offer 24/7 live-streaming and new Lottery rounds per 3/5 min. Among their offers are a lot of lottery games, three table games, and one dice game with rules that remind Sic Bo. You can choose your dealer from the available in the picture gallery of dealers. Each game is provided with clear instructions to make you fully prepared before you start. Moreover, all the lists of bets and results are conveniently incorporated in the interface making it easy to follow them during a game.

BetConstruct – an American live online casino software provider, that apart from the usual selection of games including Roulette, Poker and Baccarat offer something extra. This is the Bet On Poker and Baccarat variations of new wagers that no other supplier has. These bets can be made each time after a new card is dealt, increasing the chances to win for players. Moreover, there is a kit of other marvelous features that come with the provider which includes multi-language speaking dealers, live dealer chat with the help of which you can reach out to your dealer, and the Smart Player function that gives you pieces of advice on the best strategy to use while you are playing.

Live Casino On Mobile

It may be still hard to imagine that live streams from casinos can be accessed via any gadget, including your mobile. Small screens and less powerful operating systems are no obstacles to using all the benefits of a live casino on your phone. Next to the websites that you can use to play via your PC, the best gambling operators are ready to provide their gamblers with applications. You will be able to find the apps created for Android or iOS systems and download them on your gadget. If you register via such an app, you can expect a special welcome offer from a casino.

In case you don’t want to bother with all that downloading, you can still play live games via your mobile. Just open one of the websites presented in the article through your browser on the phone and start playing immediately. The websites have been created with the best gamblers’ interests in mind making the sites completely adjustable to any type of device it can be opened on. Whether via such a website or a specialized application, you will get access to the full range of a casino’s functional features.


If you are a fan of traditional gambling with live dealers spinning a Roulette wheel for you, rolling dice and dealing cards, then live casinos have been designed for you. Select one of the live gambling sites in the post above, choose a game and dealer you like the most, and start your winning journey without a delay. You will be assisted and consulted by a real person you can connect with via live chat. Each time you win, there will be someone who will express sincere excitement. Don’t miss this chance and join one of the online gaming websites with this amazing feature of live gambling.


Can I Play At Live Dealer Casinos On My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can play at live dealer casinos on your mobile device. Use an application you can download on your gadget, or simply open the gambling site through your mobile browser.

Should I Claim A Live Casino Bonus?

You definitely should claim one of the live casino bonuses as it will significantly increase your bankroll and help you to test games for free.

Will I Need To Download Software Before Playing Live Dealer Games?

No, you don’t need to download any extra software on your device before playing live dealer games. All the required software is incorporated into the website.

How Do I Know Live Games Are Fair?

You can find out whether live games are fair if you check the availability of a gambling license on your chosen casino site. If the casino is licensed and regulated by one of the international gaming authorities, you can have no doubts about its fairness.

Can I Play Against Live Dealer For Free?

Yes, there is a possibility of playing against a live dealer for free. Some live casinos offer free trials for certain games. Or you can use one of the bonuses offered by a casino so that you do not need to spend your funds on gambling.