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Best Bitcoin & Crypto Casinos 2022

If you are the owner of Bitcoin and would like to start gambling using it, then you will definitely benefit from online casinos that accept this cryptocurrency. You will be able to replenish your balance with Bitcoin and receive payouts in your crypto wallet. In this article, we will tell you about everything that you need to know about gambling platforms that accept Bitcoin. Besides, we will provide you with the most reliable high-quality Bitcoin casinos.

Full List Of The Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022

Casinos that accept Bitcoin are a new phenomenon in the gambling industry. Security, decentralization and anonymity are the main principles, on the basis of which this currency was created. If you want to get a taste of the functionality of crypto casinos, then you should look over the extensive list of gambling companies accepting Bitcoin that we provide below, and choose the most appealing platform for you.

Why To Choose A Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity during the recent years. Therefore, more and more online gambling platforms start offering this currency among other payment methods. That is why the owners of Bitcoin may gamble at those casinos. The most common reason why many players choose to gamble at a Bitcoin casino is that they are able to perform instant financial operations. What is more, they do not need to pay any exchange rates for making transactions in this currency.

Furthermore, gamblers do not need to disclose any personal information while paying with Bitcoin, which allows them to remain fully anonymous. Also, due to the severe competition on the gambling market, casinos with Bitcoin propose exclusive deals and special promotions, in order to encourage more customers. Additionally, they offer effective customer support and guarantee the privacy and security of all personal data. Therefore, it is really worth gambling with such online casinos, due to the extensive range of benefits.

How To Deposit And Start Playing

Before players may move on to gambling at crypto casinos, foremost, they need an electronic wallet where they can store Bitcoins. Once they create a crypto wallet, they will receive a special trading address, which they will use while making a deposit at an online casino. Gamblers should also purchase Bitcoins in order to make further financial operations. It needs to be mentioned, that there are certain exchange rates present while buying Bitcoin. They may vary from 1% to 4%, depending on the place where gamblers purchase the currency. Therefore, it is recommended to make one large transaction, because then, the charged fees are usually lower. Once you have a wallet with cryptocurrency, you should move on to the following steps which are described in more detail below.

Sign Up To The Casino

The first and the most important step is choosing a trustworthy online Bitcoin casino with a license from official authorities and completing a sign-up procedure. You should open the main website of the casino you want to play with, and provide all the required personal data there. Then you should submit the registration form and confirm your identity by providing the documents which contain information about person, age and home address. After you complete this procedure successfully, they may move on to the next step.

Go To Your Bitcoin Wallet 

At this point, you should go to the “Deposit” section at the Bitcoin casino and select BTC as the preferred option for payment. Then you should copy the Bitcoin address of the casino and go to your crypto wallet. Find the section “Transfer money” in the main menu. There you should enter the desired deposit amount and casino address very carefully.

Confirm Your Transaction

Once you fill out all the necessary details for the payment operation, you should check the entered information again. If everything is correct, confirm the transaction. In case something is wrong with the data that you provided, you may always cancel the operation and create a new one from the very beginning. After you submit the deposit, the funds will be credited to your playing account in just a few seconds.

Start Playing

Return to the gambling platform and check whether money is deposited into your wallet. Once you see the desired sum on your account, you can finally start playing games. Go to the catalog of games that are offered by the casino. The variety of entertainment forms that may be available is usually huge. Each good casino offers gamblers an opportunity to play Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, online slots, Baccarat and other popular games. Select the game that you are willing to play, read the rules and enjoy it!

What Is Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

Many online casinos want to please their customers with excellent special bonuses that have simple terms and conditions. One of the most admired rewards is the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, which is typically given to gamblers deliberately after they complete a registration process. It means that they will not have to make a replenishment in order to obtain a bonus, as it is with other special offers.

This is really advantageous, especially for beginners, who want to try the functionality of the gambling website first, and only then deposit money there. As far as the form of no deposit reward is considered, it could be bonus cash or free spins which gamblers may spend on playing diverse games, and familiarizing themselves with various new games.

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Accepted By Online Casinos

Bitcoin is not the only currency that is accepted by crypto casinos. There are about a thousand other types of digital money that exist nowadays and may be offered by gambling companies. For example, Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is separated from BTC. It differs from Bitcoin in terms of transaction processing speed and commissions. While Bitcoin validates from three to seven operations per second, worth 5 – 50 USD each, Bitcoin Cash validates a hundred transactions per second at a minimum cost of a few cents.

The second most widespread cryptocurrency after Bitcoin is ETH. This is a currency created by Ethereum decentralized platform with its own blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain allows customers to transfer digital money quickly and cheaply. A distinctive feature of Ethereum is the use of smart contracts. This is the name of a virtual algorithm that can automatically control the execution of the terms of a transaction recorded in the blockchain.

Litecoin is another famous cryptocurrency offered by online Bitcoin casinos that is based on the BTC code base, but differs from it in higher transaction speed and different hashing algorithm. In Litecoin, blocks are created every 2.5 minutes whereas in Bitcoin it takes 10 minutes. Therefore, LTC can process more transactions in a shorter period of time. What is more, Litecoin ensures high protection of financial transactions due to the use of innovative data encryption protocols.

Ripple is a cryptocurrency the code of which is not based on Bitcoin code, but is written from scratch. It was created to increase the speed of transactions and save on them. Unlike BTC and ETH, the XRP cryptocurrency which is its official name cannot be “mined”. As far as the main benefits of this currency are considered, XRP is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies which makes it great for gambling as transactions are usually confirmed within seconds. Another benefits of XRP are protection against imminent volatility and its relatively low price. 

Dash is ranked sixth in the list of top cryptocurrencies. It also appeared as a result of the change of BTC code. The thing that makes Dash different from Bitcoin is complete anonymity. It is absolutely impossible to track other people’s transactions in the Dash system because such details are not published in blocks. This currency is not controlled by any central entity and is based on a decentralized network. In addition, its security is ensured by strong cryptography. What is more, transactions in online casinos with Dash currency are not that expensive thanks to low commissions.

Other Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

No deposit bonus is not the only special offer that may be proposed by Bitcoin casinos. They may suggest other types of rewards, that may be really generous and give a huge advantage to gamblers. Below there are those diverse kinds of rewards explained.

Deposit Bonuses

This is a type of reward that players receive after they log in to their account and make a replenishment on the gambling platform. The most widespread form of this reward is a cash bonus, which is usually calculated depending on the size of the deposited amount of money. What is crucial to pay attention to, is the minimum size of replenishment that gamblers should make in order to claim the bonus but also to the wagering requirements that are established by a casino. It could be a wager which is a number of times bonus money should be rolled over before it could be withdrawn. What is more, the players may also be given a limited period of time to meet the requirements and cash out the bonus.


This is another type of special offer given by an online Bitcoin casino, which is a refund of a percentage of the total money lost by the player over a certain period of time, and is credited to the player’s account automatically. So, this bonus allows gamblers to reduce the risk of gambling, and give them another chance to try their luck. The size of cashback is established by each gambling company individually and may vary from 5 to 30%. The form of this reward may also be given in the form of bonus cash, which may be used exclusively for playing games or may be cashed out. In addition, each casino determines the calculation period of the cashback bonus which may be daily, weekly or monthly.

Free Spins

This is a reward that gives gamblers an opportunity to spin the reels a certain number of times without paying anything. Simply speaking, it is a bonus round in slot machines. Free spins may be offered for registration, deposit or as a part of the loyalty program. The number of free spins that players may receive from a Bitcoin casino may differ from 10 to even 50. The gambling platforms may establish a range of games on which players will be allowed to spend this reward.

No-wagering Bonuses

This is a special offer which is really appealing to gamblers because, as the name implies, it does not have any wagering requirements that players are supposed to fulfill in order to obtain their winnings. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk involved, and this prize will not burn out. So, players may easily claim this reward and receive payout instantly.

Reload Bonuses

All crypto casinos strive not only to attract more new players, but also to keep them, turning them into regular players. A reload casino bonus is one of the ways to keep gamblers. Such an offer is available to newcomers and regular customers, who regularly play on the site and replenish their gaming accounts. Unlike welcome bonuses, which are awarded only for the very first or several initial deposits, online casino reload bonuses can be received repeatedly and sometimes even with each replenishment of the game account. So, this is a certain amount of money that players receive as a gift and withdraw it after completing certain conditions.

How To Withdraw Your Winnings

The procedure of withdrawing winnings from the playing account at a Bitcoin casino is rather simple, and does not require any expert knowledge to be completed. What is more, the payouts in BTC are usually instant, so that gamblers will need to wait for a long time to receive their money. If you would like to find out how to cash out your funds, here are practical guidelines on how to perform this operation.

  • First, you should open the “Withdrawals” section at the casino website and make sure that you have enough money for cashing out.
  • Then you should pick Bitcoin as a payment method from the list of available options.
  • Enter the address of your e-wallet in a special field. This information you may find on the website of your crypto wallet.
  • Provide the number of funds you would like to withdraw.
  • Finally, confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be credited to your electronic BTC wallet.

Alternative Payment Methods

Online casinos may also offer many other options for topping up your account balance and withdrawing your winnings in addition to cryptocurrency. Here you will find the most popular payment methods that are most often found in crypto casinos.


PayPal is a system for payments that enjoys incredible popularity among gamblers because of its simplicity and convenience of PayPal. The advantage of replenishments with PayPal is not only that the funds are instantly credited, but also the fact that you do not have to create an account for such a transaction. You can simply “link” your credit or debit card to your PayPal account, which allows you to easily make payments with a small fee depending on the size of your deposit.

Furthermore, this system guarantees full protection to all clients. Therefore, they may be absolutely sure that all their financial information will never be transferred to third parties. Also, PayPal uses digital encryption technology that secures your online transactions from start to finish. The players also may create an account in twenty-five currencies there for free.


This is a popular online antipodal payment system accessible in Australia and New Zealand. It allows players to make transactions without the need for a credit card or registration. Therefore, POLi is quite a secure payment method because users do not have to provide any personal information online. In order to make payment at the Bitcoin casino, gamblers should simplify this method, and then they will be connected to their online banking account, where they can enter all details directly, confirm the payment and receive a transaction confirmation.


This is a payment method that allows users to buy a voucher with a certain number of funds on it, just like a prepaid card. Those vouchers are currently available at a wide network of authorized resellers. They come with different balances, from 10 to 250 euros or in the corresponding currency. After that, all you need to do is to enter a 10-digit voucher code at the website of a Bitcoin casino.

Note that each financial transaction is subject to a commission, the size of which is 1.5% of the number of funds. This account replenishment option is carried out in compliance with all safety standards. Financial transactions in the Neosurf system are protected by a double encryption system. The transfer of funds is carried out quickly and the transaction is possible from anywhere in the world. The validity of the activated card is 6 months. Thus, the main goal of the Neosurf payment system is to make online payments as fast and convenient as possible.


This is a payment system that has earned the love and trust of millions of customers from America and Europe. What gamblers value the most about Paysafecard is its anonymity. It allows them to replenish their wallet without any banking transactions or even logging into an account. Paysafecard is a form of prepaid card that you can buy at dedicated points of sale.

These cards are printed like top-up for mobile phones. They are issued in different denominations such as 10, 25, 50 and 100 EUR. Therefore, you may choose the size of deposit according to your preferences. The voucher is securely protected by a special pin code which consists of 16 digits. You will need to provide it in a special field at the gambling platform. There will be a special pin code available which you will need to provide at the gambling platform.


This is considered to be one of the most well-liked electronic wallets proposed by online Bitcoin casinos due to its high security level and numerous benefits. The main reason why Neteller is so admired by gamblers is that they may perform all kinds of financial operations immediately. It is also a trustworthy payment method, as it applies the recent security technologies for the protection of users’ data. What is also peculiar about Neteller is that it also has its own VIP loyalty program that comprises five levels, and allows players to obtain extra rewards.

When it comes to other benefits of this e-wallet, these are the IP address verification and the real-time monitoring of all transactions, which allows tracking fraudulent activities and block suspicious financial operations. Neteller also has a special application that guarantees compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems.

Staying Safe While Playing At BTC Casino

What is crucial for all gamblers is to feel absolutely safe at the casino they are playing with. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to certain aspects which will constitute a reliable online Bitcoin casino. The first thing to consider is whether the casino accepts players from the country you live in, and complies with local laws. What is more, you should check the availability of a certain license, because it means that the casino is permitted to offer its gambling services legally. Check its number, date of issue, expiration date and the regulatory body that gave the document.

In addition, read reviews about an online casino before registering there. They will tell you a lot about the platform and its reputation. Reviews will tell you if the site has been involved in any scams in the past, whether there have been any complaints about suspicious withdrawals from users’ bank cards in the past. What is more, make sure that the proposed special rewards on the gambling platform have realistic conditions that are possible to meet.

Also, go through the list of Bitcoin casino games proposed on the website and whether they are created by legitimate software manufacturers. A safe casino should offer only professionally secured servers (SSL certificates, HTTPS protocols) which will protect your personal and financial information. Furthermore, check whether the gambling platform uses the RNG system (a specific algorithm for generating random numbers) which illustrates its honesty and transparency and gives players a chance to win.

What is more, safe casinos that indeed care for their gamblers should implement the responsible gambling policy at their websites. It means that they interact with official organizations that help people with gambling addictions. Also, casinos should encourage players to gamble within reasonable limits and provide them with a possibility to control their activity by setting the limits on depositing and spending.

Bitcoin Mobile Casino

There is a significant number of players, who prefer gambling via their mobile phones. Therefore, they will definitely admire Bitcoin mobile casino, which is an adapted version of the desktop website for the small screen of a smartphone or a tablet. Furthermore, applications for mobile phones notify players about all the recent news and special offers of the casino. To make things easier, below we present the list of the top online mobile casinos that accept Bitcoin. Attentively compare the provided options and select the casino that is perfect just for you. 


So, Bitcoin casinos are gambling platforms that accept either Bitcoin as a payment method or other cryptocurrencies. They offer many advantages to gamblers such as instantaneous financial operations, decentralization, the convenience of usage, independence from third parties, the absence of commission, high level of protection, complete anonymity and confidentiality. In this review, we provided the list of the most prominent casinos that accept Bitcoin, as well as described how they operate in detail. So, pick the online casino that you like the most and start playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why To Play At Crypto Casinos?

Online Bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of benefits such as anonymity, instant transactions and high limits which make them pleasant places for gambling.

How Can I Withdraw My Winning From Bitcoin Casino?

The procedure of receiving payouts in a Bitcoin casino is almost identical to the one in other online gambling platforms. You should enter your wallet address and the number of funds you would like to acquire and submit the request.

Which Bonuses Are Available In Bitcoin Casinos?

There are many bonuses accessible at the casinos such as deposit and no deposit gifts, cashback, reload rewards, free spins and no-wagering bonuses.